About Us

Applied Logic Laboratory (ALL) is a Hungarian R&D SME company established in 1986. Its main research areas include artificial intelligence, cognitive systems, modelling of systems of high complexity, medical and biological informatics and parallel computing. The company unites expertise in system modelling and design, knowledge engineering, signal processing, data analysis and data mining, natural language processing and decision support.

ALL is active in the development of various methods of plausible reasoning, including statistical and logical methods, case-based reasoning and methods based on analogy. These methods are used to realise abduction, deduction and induction. The reasoning methods developed support several methods for data mining and knowledge extraction, e.g. statistical methods (used e.g. in geological and medical expert systems) and plausible logical methods (used e.g. in pharmacological design systems and diagnostic systems). ALL developed a special approach that allows to synthesise cognitive reasoning processes from the various reasoning operators, and methods to organise and combine information coming from different sources. The proposed methods provide solutions for (i) representation and organisation of knowledge, (ii) integration of different data in information and knowledge bases, (iii) combined use of various data mining and knowledge acquisition tools.

ALL's results in reasoning are complemented by its development of a technology to represent semantic content of texts in the form of ontology capsules. Utilising that technology, ALL developed efficient solutions for information retrieval and data mining from natural language text documents.

In the last decade, a large ramifying but functionally complete system of technological packages has been evolved at ALL for offering solutions to different sorts of speech- and sound-technological problems. The relevant issues concern three major domains: (1) audio content analysis, (2) multilingual continuous speech recognition, and (3) audio-based information engineering. Addressing these issues, ALL elaborated a novel technology (ALLdio ASR) for multilingual continuous speech recognition in multimodal contexts – typically in the context of an audiovisual file which may contain newscasts, interviews, music blocks, street-noise, signature tunes, dog-barking, etc.

ALL participated in three projects co-financed by the EU FP5, three projects co-financed by the EU FP6 an in one FP7 project. In addition, until now ALL has been involved in more than 30 middle- and long-term national and international R&D projects (see our Projects page for details).